Voice Broadcasting- Service to the Community


One of the great benefits of our rapidly advancing technological age is the ability to quickly communicate and interact with groups of people.  Homeowners' associations, schools, church groups, even public safety organizations can use voice broadcasting to send customized message to their members in real time.


Some of the best uses of a voice broadcast is phone alert notifications or to do phone polling or take a quick telephone survey.  Schools can notify parents of closings due to bad weather and storms; neighborhood watch members can instantly be made aware of a danger in their city.


Firefighter Union News

Firefighter Union News. Firefighter news and Information for professional Firefighters, volunteer firefighters and Labor Organizations Representing Firefighters

Fire Union, City Strike Tentative Deal
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On the verge of a decision by a panel of arbitrators, the fire union and the city have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract—and may have settled one of the thorniest unresolved disputes in New Haven’s quest to rein in long-term labor costs.

The city and the union reached an oral agreement last week on a new, 5-year contract for the city’s 270 firefighters.

The deal would run from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016. It still needs to be drafted into a document. And it still needs to be ratified by rank-and-file firefighters in a yet-to-be-scheduled vote.

The agreement would save the city $2.1 million per year due to concessions in health care, pensions, and the mandatory staffing requirement, according to Mayor John DeStefano.

Other municipal unions, such as those that represent city managers and police...more

Brockton: City, firefighter and police unions working on new contracts
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Talks at the bargaining table between the city of Brockton and its public safety unions are moving closer to an agreement. The city’s negotiating team has been meeting with the firefighter’s union and is in the final stages of brokering a deal. Meanwhile talks have started to heat up between the police union and the city.

Mayor Linda Balzotti says it’s important to bargain in good faith and not let negotiations hinder the performance of any department. The ongoing bargaining sessions are four years in the making since the city council passed a historic health insurance package last year. Balzotti is hoping to have both unions inked to new three year contracts by the end of the year.

Once those deals are completed, city officials can the start negotiating with a number of other Brockton  unions whose contracts are set to expire...more

Hamilton reaches new two-year contract with fire union
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HAMILTON — After months of failed negotiations that led to binding arbitration, the city of Hamilton and its firefighters union now have a new two-year collective bargaining agreement in place.

The Ohio State Employment Relations Board filed its findings Tuesday, the result of a hearing held Aug. 22. While the board conciliator, Colman R. Lalka, sided with the union on a number of issues regarding pay and benefits, he found in favor of the city on the issue of staffing levels.

Hamilton firefighters were disappointed with the conciliator’s findings, even those that went in their favor. Eric Abney, president of the Hamilton Fire Fighters IAFF Local 20, said the issues with which he sided with the union only represents the status quo.

“We didn’t receive any wage increases and everything else has remained the same,” Abney said. “Our pay and benefits are frozen.”...more

Lackawanna, firefighters reach tentative contract deal
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The City of Lackawanna has reached a tentative deal with its firefighters on a new contract, although key details of the proposed pact haven't been released.

City Attorney Antonio Savaglio revealed during a City Council meeting Monday that the negotiating sides had reached an agreement.

The Council went into executive session to discuss the negotiations.

The city's 50 firefighters have been working without a new contract since 2009, and negotiations for the past year and a half have been tumultuous at times. The Lackawanna Fire Fighters IAFF Local 3166 in June filed an unfair labor practice claim against the city with the state Public Employment Relations Board.

A mediator had intervened in recent weeks.

Lt. Gary Strelczyk, secretary of the firefighter union's executive board...more

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